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8 Ball Pool

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This game is no longer supported! Please refer to new Pool Live Tour.
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8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool


The goal of the game is to sink all the balls of the same type into the side pockets and as the last move to sink the black ball with number "8" into the appropriate pocket. The type of balls each side plays with is decided in the opening break.


  • Players use the cue to hit the white ball so that it collides with other balls and directs them into one of the pockets.
  • Players take turns. A player’s turn ends when he fails to pocket at least one of his balls or when he/she commits a foul. In case of a foul, the opponent gets two attempts to sink in the next ball.
  • The black ball should only be played after sinking all the other balls of one type. If the player sinks the black ball while he still has some of his balls left on the table, he/she loses immediately.

Types of balls:

  • Full - seven balls marked by numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, which are player by the first player
  • Halves - balls played marked with numbers 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, which are played by the second player
  • Black - the ball marked by number 8, which is player by both players after sinking all their respective balls


  • Strike - hit by the cue into the white ball.
  • Break - the first strike into the balls in the initial formation (stacked into the triangle shape).
  • Run - a series of strikes ending with a strike which did not result in sinking a ball.
  • Sink - sinking a ball into one of the pockets.
  • Pocket - one of the six holes which the balls must be sunk into.
  • Starting line - a vertical line, from which the initial break is executed. Also the first strike after the opponent sunk the white ball is executed from this line.
  • Foul - illegal play


  • Strike, after which the white ball does not touch any of the player’s balls.
  • Strike, which results in the white ball being sunk. The opponent then gets to chose the starting position of the white ball on the starting line. He/she then has to play his/her ball into the right side of the table before it touches any of his balls. Otherwise, also his strike will be a foul.
  • Strike, which results in the white ball first touching of the opponent’s balls or the black ball.
  • Strike, which results in sinking an opponent’s ball.

The course of the game:

  • Break - The balls are stacked in the initial form. One of the players carries out a strike trying to sink in any of the balls except the black while not committing a foul. In case he/she is successful, the player then continues to play with the same type of balls, which he sank in as first, for the rest of the match. The opponent plays the other type of balls. Should the first player not succeed in sinking a ball in the break, it is the opponent’s turn to try to achieve this. Until the strike which determines which player plays which type of balls, both players are allowed to play (via the white ball) into any of the balls except black (so called "open table").
  • Playing the balls of a particular type - once the type of balls is determined for each player, the players take turn in runs. Each of the them can play until he/she carries out a strike which does not result in a sunk ball or until he/she commits a foul.
  • Sinking the black ball - after sinking all his/her balls the player must sink the black ball into the pocket lying opposite to the one into which the player sunk his/her last ball. If successful, the player wins. If however the black ball is sunk into another pocket, he/she loses. Also, if a player commits a foul while sinking the black ball into the correct pocket, the player loses. If the player who sank his/her last ball second, sinks this last ball into the same pocket as the first player, he/she must sink the black ball into the same pocket as his/her last ball.


The game is played using the mouse and optionally the SHIFT key. The player firstly selects the point of contact on the white ball by setting screw, top or side via the big white ball in the top corner of the screen. Next, the player must press and hold the left mouse button to set the strength of shot and of course align the shot correctly. At this point the trajectory of the ball is shown to allow the player to easily direct the shot. The trajectory of the ball will be affected if the player has selected any spin using the big white ball in the top corner. The player impacts the strength of the shot by dragging the mouse over the trajectory of the shot. The strength of the shot is indicated around the large white ball in the top right corner. When the player has the shot set to their satisfaction so it is time to release the left mouse button. To cancel the shot before releasing simply adjust the strength of shot to zero and release the left mouse button.


For every correctly sunk ball the player gains points according to the following rules: points = b * (1000 - 5 * t) - t ... number of seconds from the beginning of aiming - b ... the sequence of sinking in the current run (when sinking more than one ball, the sequence with higher value is used) Foul: -500 Run without sinking: -100 (the first run does not count though) Finishing the game by sinking the black ball: +5000 Losing by wrongly sinking the black ball: deleting the entire score (score = 0) The score can never drop below zero.

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