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Canfield Solitaire

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Canfield Solitaire
Canfield Solitaire


This game is better known as Canfield in America, named after the inventor, Richard A. Canfield, a well known nineteenth century gambler. Determined to make some money from his game, he offered players the chance to buy a deck of cards for $50, in his casino in Saratoga, and use it to play a hand of the game under close scrutiny of the croupier. At the end of the game, $5 was paid for every card in the foundation piles (no re-deals allowed) or $500 if the game came out. Canfield made a fortune out of the game, and today's rules have been altered in favour of the player. In England, the game is called Demon and as I say "tom-arr-toe" rather than "tom-ay-do", Demon it is ! Anyway, all the other computer versions I've seen are called Canfield so it's good to have a change.

Canfield Objective:

A card is dealt to the first foundation. Use its rank as the base for the other 3 foundations and build them up in ascending sequence until each contains 13 cards of the same suit, turning the corner at J, Q, K, A, 2, 3, 4 if necessary. 13 cards are dealt to a reserve column, the topmost exposed card of which is available for play.
Build tableau columns down in a descending sequences of alternating colours. e.g. 6 on 7 or Q on K.
Tableau columns may also turn the corner from Ace to King, e.g. 4, 3, 2, A, K, Q.
Click on the face down stock to deal cards 3 at a time to a face up waste pile.
The topmost, card from the waste pile may be moved, along with the exposed reserve card, single exposed cards at the end of each tableau column or a packed sequence of tableau cards.
You may go through the stock any number of times until the game blocks.
An empty space in the tableau is automatically filled by the exposed card in the reserve, releasing the card below it.
If there are no cards left in the reserve then empty spaces in the tableau may be filled by a card from the waste pile, but not necessarily immediately.

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