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Dear Players,

With the introduction of new leagues on March 23rd we will also be changing our terms of service for league games.
In an effort to curb abuses from cheaters and "flamers" a PRO account will now be required to enter league games.
Despite the relatively small number of these players we decided that actions must be taken to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for the vast majority of players.

The community has called for the introduction of PRO leagues and we have decided to answer that call. Enjoy the games!


The game consists of several rounds where the players simultaneously attempt to guess a secret word or phrase letter by letter. A successful round ensures your mountaineer climbs up the face. However, an unsuccessful round means an unwelcome descent. The first to the top wins! If 2 or more players reach the summit at the same time then the player that would potentially reach the highest altitude wins.


For each round use your mouse to do 1 of 4 possible actions:
  • Select a single letter by clicking on one of the letters from the pyramid.
  • Attempt to guess the whole word or phrase by clicking on the blue button with a double up arrows. You have one attempt at this for every uncompleted word or phrase. Be careful! A wrong guess means starting again from the bottom or from your holdfast lower down the mountain face if you used one (see below).
  • Secure yourself to the mountain face with a holdfast using the yellow button with the holdfast symbol. Every player has 3 holdfasts available.
  • To skip a move.


Every letter has a certain point value based on its location in the pyramid. The letter at the top of the pyramid has a value of 8 points; the letters in the second row are worth 4 points; the letters in the third row 2 points and the letters in the bottom row are worth 1 point. The point value of the letter determines how many meters the mountaineer climbs up or down the face. The individual types of move are scored as follows:
  • Selection of a single letter – if the player selects successfully, the mountaineer climbs up a number of meters determined by the value of the letter and the amount of times the letter appears in the word or phrase (e. g. if the letter A has a value of 2 points and occurs 3 times in the answer, the player climbs up by 6 meters). By contrast, if the player guesses wrong then the mountaineer moves down the face by the amount of the the most valuable letter (i.e. 8 meters).
  • Guessing the whole word or phrase – after successfully guessing the whole word or phrase the player gains points for the 5 most valuable letters in the word or phrase (i.e. those with the highest value-times-occurrence ratio). But remember, a wrong guess means starting again from the bottom or from your holdfast lower down the face if you used one!
  • Secure yourself with a holdfast – the mountaineer stays put.
  • Skip a move – the mountaineer moves down the face by an amount of meters determined by the most valuable letter (i.e. 8 meters).

Apart from points (altitude), the number of moves needed to reach the summit is measured in the top-right corner display. This number is used for calculating high scores.

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