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Pool Coins What are Coins?C

Pool Coins (C) is the virtual currency in Pool Live Tour.  Each match you play in Pool Live Tour is played for Coins. If you beat your opponent you win his/her bet. If you lose, you lose your Coins, simple as that.  Coins are not only used for the betting, but you may also use them to buy new cues from the Shop or some cool accessories for your Avatar. 

How do I get them?

  • Receive 100 Coins when you visit Pool Live Tour for the first time
  • Earn up to 100 Coins for every time you visit Pool Live Tour
  • Win Coins with every trophy you earn for your trick shots. 
  • Win Coins in matches in Pool Live Tour!  

 Where can I get more Coins? 

If you want to top-up your Coins, you can purchase them by clicking the plusicon.png button next to your Coins balance in the top right corner of your screen when in any Level. 


Winnings What are 'W' points?

'W' points or 'Winnings' represent the total amount of Coins you have won in Pool Live Tour.  'W' points can only increase over time. The actual amount of your 'W's is displayed at the top of the screen. 'Winnings' are needed to unlock new Levels in Pool Live Tour.

Example: If you win 20 Coins, your 'Winnings' will go up by 20 W. If you lose, your W's remain the same.      

How do I earn them?

  • 'W' can only be won in matches against randomly selected opponents.
  • 'Wcannot be won in matches with friends and in re-matches. 

In Pool Live Tour, the main Leaderboards are based on the number of 'W's you have earned.   


What is Geewa Gold?

Geewa Gold it's a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods in Pool Live Tour. You can purchase Geewa Gold directly from within an app using your credit card, PayPal, mobile phone and many other local payment methods.

How can I purchase Geewa Gold?

There are many different ways you can use to purchase Geewa Gold such as mobile SMS payment, Debit or Credit Card, PayPal and many more depending on the area of the world you live in.


In each Level, there is a Shop where you can purchase some fine Cues to improve your play. You need to unlock new Levels in order to unlock the new Cues in Pool Live Tour.

Each Cue has 4 attributes:

  • Aiming - this affects the quality of the aiming lines, which will help you to make more precise shots.
  • Power - defines how hard you can hit the ball with your Cue. Really helps with your first shot, the "break"!
  • Spin - with this feature, you can change the direction of the white ball after it hits the couloured ball. Never pocket the white ball anymore! Hold SHIFT key on your keyboard and move your mouse at the same time to change the direction of the white ball after it hits the target ball. 
  • Battery - every single shot in Pool Live Tour costs energy. But don't worry, you can always recharge if you need. The more energy your Cue has, so the more shots you can make before it needs a recharge. Each recharge costs a certain amount of Pool Coins.

You can also sell any cue you bought for a certain % of its purchase price if you wish.    


SPIN allows you to change the direction of the White Ball (Cue Ball) after it hits the target ball. Make sure you check your Cue's attributes to see if your Cue supports spin.

To apply SPIN to your shot, simply hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and move your mouse to set the ball's direction:

                  3.png 1.png 2.png 
Hold the SHIFT key and move your mouse to apply spin to your shot. Make sure your cue supports spin!


You can check Weekly, Monthly and All-Time leaderboards of those players who have earned most W points in Pool Live Tour. You can also compare yourself with your friends and players from your country or the whole world.

Leaderboards are situated below the game screen in Pool Live Tour.

When do the Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards start?

  • Weekly Leaderboard starts on Monday at 0:00 UTC (see your local UTC time).
  • Monthly Leaderboard starts the first day of the new month at 0:00 UTC.


In Pool Live Tour you earn Trophies for your best shots. See the list of available Trophies by clicking the 'Trophy icon' in every Level.

Similar to "W" points, you can only win Trophies in matches with randomly selected opponents. Trophies cannot be won in matches played with your friends and in re-matches. Trophies also cannot be won in League matches. 

Collect Trophies for the best shots!

Got them all yet? :)

Are you having problems loading or playing the game?

Please try the following steps:

 1. Make sure you have the latest version of Flash player installed on your computer. Download and install it from here:

Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player

 2. Download and install the latest version of your web browser on your computer. Please select one of the following supported browsers*

Google Chrome Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Safari

 * Please note that Pool Live Tour is currently not available in Opera browser.

3. Clear you web browser’s Cache. Open your browser, press „CTRL+SHIFT+DEL“ („APPLE+ALT+E” for iOS users) and select “Clear Cache” or “Clear Temporary Internet Files” depending on your browser.


4. You may also try deleting your Adobe Flash Player storage data.

  1. Open Pool Live Tour and Right-click in the game window.
  2. Select “Settings” in the context menu. 
  3. Under “How much information can cdn.static.geewa.net store on your computer?” select “None” and confirm with OK.
  4.  Close the webpage and open Pool Live Tour again. 
  5. You will be shown new dialogue window asking for storage permission – click “Allow”. Done!

5. There also might be a problem with https settings in your Facebook account
  1. Log in to your Facebook account, click Account and click Account Settings from the top menu bar.
  2. Click Security, click on the Edit link that is next to Secure Browsing.
  3. Uncheck the box and click Save Changes.

Pool Live Tour is connecting players from all over the world through its game servers. Disconnection usually means that there was some connection problem somewhere between your machine and Pool Live Tour server. 

Here’s how to prevent yourself from being disconnected while playing:

  • Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth, 1Mb/s is a nice start.
  • Switch from Wireless to cable connection
  • Close any additional programs you don't need and that are eating your bandwidth while playing PLT
  • Make sure you don't have any other games opened in your browser
  • You may also try to restart your router and modem 

Your connection quality is represented by latency. Latency is simply the time it takes for one piece of information from your computer to reach our game servers. This time is displayed next to you profile picture during the match (in milliseconds). You should always aim to improve your latency time to prevent disconnections.  

In general, the fewer applications and programs running on your computer and the better your internet connection, the less likely you will be to experience disconnections from the game.

Please note that places like internet cafés and college/university networks usually process heavy data traffic, which may affect your gaming experience and lead to frequent disconnections.  

According to information provided by Facebook, it may take up to 3-4 hours for the purchased items to appear in your account during the peak hours. 

If you think there's an issue with Pool Live Tour not delivering items or service please visit your Payments Tab in your Facebook Account Settings to check the transaction details. 


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