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13 games from Ultimate Arcade

  • Fruit DropFruit Drop

    Added: 5 years ago

    Much like the classic Tetris game, try to align all the falling fruit into full rows.

  • MoodmatchMoodmatch

    Added: 5 years ago

    Test your ability to recognize facial expressions! The classic game of concentration.

  • Word SearchWord Search

    Added: 6 years ago

    Find the words hidden in a grid of letters.Puzzles are available on a variety of categories, including US States, Star Trek, Victorian Authors, and...

  • Spitball WarriorSpitball Warrior

    Added: 6 years ago

    Compete in the ultimate spitball warrior competition.

  • Final KnockoutFinal Knockout

    Added: 6 years ago

    Fight using beautiful 3D rendered characters on 4 different levels. You can play against the computer or grab a friend and play on the same keyboar.

  • Desert AmbushDesert Ambush

    Added: 6 years ago

    Your mission as a combat soldier is to kill all the scary villains and most importantly defeat the evil demon at the end of the game. Enjoy these 5...

  • Tetrix 2 - EgyptianTetrix 2 - Egyptian

    Added: 6 years ago

    Did you enjoy the original Tetris back in the day? Then you are going to love Tetrix. It’s classic Tetris with the addition of Ultimate Arcade’s un...

  • Flower FranzyFlower Franzy

    Added: 6 years ago

    Match all the flowers horizontally or vertically. Click on each flower to create a combination of three in a row or more.

  • Cone CrazyCone Crazy

    Added: 6 years ago

    Car driving flash game. Proove your skills.

  • Sport SmashSport Smash

    Added: 6 years ago

    Puzzle game of scrambled footballs, baseballs, basketballs, and volleyballs.

  • BrainiacBrainiac

    Added: 6 years ago

    You are the teenaged brainiac, recruited to decypher the aliens' alphabet to communicate with the captured alien leader! Match the pairs of symbols. A version of the card game Concentration.

  • Castle DefenderCastle Defender

    Added: 6 years ago

    Defend your castle at all cost. Only let the monks pass by, everyone else must be killed.

  • SqueakySqueaky

    Added: 7 years ago

    Squeaky: Mr. Squeaky the robot is stuck on a hostile planet, and he needs oil! Help the robot find oil while avoiding hostile aliens.