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Mau Mau

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Added: 9 years ago From: Geewa

Tags: table, flash, multiplayer, league, card, live

Dear Players,

With the introduction of new leagues on March 23rd we will also be changing our terms of service for league games.
In an effort to curb abuses from cheaters and "flamers" a PRO account will now be required to enter league games.
Despite the relatively small number of these players we decided that actions must be taken to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for the vast majority of players.

The community has called for the introduction of PRO leagues and we have decided to answer that call. Enjoy the games!
Mau Mau
Mau Mau


The game rules are based on the standard rules of Mau Mau. There are three rounds per game. The round is finished when one player gets rid of the last card from their hand. The winner is the one who has the least penalty points.


The game is controlled with the mouse. You choose a card by clicking on it with the left mouse button. You draw a card from the stack in the same way.


At the end of every round the penalty score is added to the loser. The penalty score is computed from the penalties for each card. The winner is the one who has the lowest penalty score. The card penalties are as follows: card seven = 7, card eight = 8, card nine = 9, card ten = 10, jack = 2, queen = 3, king = 4, ace = 11.

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