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Added: 7 years ago

Tags: flash, singleplayer


A futuristic sci-fi sport played in an octagon shaped arena of inverse physics and unstable gravity fields, are you ready for OctaBall? Updated: 6-26-08


Ok guys, this update really only addresses the ball handling physics. I want to get that straightened out before I work on the other things everyone mentioned to improve the game. So please let me know your opinions on this update. If you haven't played the old version you can compare this version with the old version on my website. Thanks for everyones feedback!Use the mouse to control the movement of your chariot and try to bump the Sphere into the goal. Play lasts until either you or the Octagon scores 10 goals or time expires. Winning matches earns points, money, and advances in rank. As you advance you may want to buy other chariots with better armor to help you survive in the Octagon on your quest to get into the "Hall of Fame".

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