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Pirates off the starboard bow: fire a salvo of cannonballs

Cross the bounding main and earn your sea legs. Cast off for adventure and conquer the Seven Seas!

Capture, plunder and pillage – nobody's safe from you. Navigate the Seafight seas, compete in multiplayer battles and unite with your allies to form powerful pirate fleets. Aye, aye, cap'n: It's time to set sail!

In Seafight you'll find:

  • Over 50 sea charts with 4 different designs including arctic, tropical and lava themes
  • Constant creation of new levels packed full with quests and missions
  • More than 100 ship designs, many items, weapons, pirates and assistants
  • Numerous NPCs and millions of real opponents from across the globe
  • Over 30,000 guilds

* Ellenőrzések

Point and click controlled by mouse.


* Emberek, akik játszanak is, mint Seafight

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