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Added: 8 years ago From: Geewa

Tags: table, flash, multiplayer, ghost, beat my score, card, solitaire



The goal of the game is to use up all the cards from the source stacker in the upper left corner and the dealt cards on the board and to build ascending suit card sequences in the upper right corner. All in the shortest possible time.


The game is controlled with the mouse. Pick up a card by clicking on it and drag it to the desired destination. If it is possible to place a card into one of the suit stackers, simply double-click the card. The card will be moved automatically.


The player gains points for every card placed for the first time in one of the four suit stackers. This bonus diminishes during the course of the game though – it starts at 40 points and every 15 seconds it drops by 1 point. Turning over of the source stacker in the upper left corner is not penalized.

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