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  • Marble Lines 2Marble Lines 2 - 4Players online

    Players: 162 daily

    Destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more marbles of the same colour.

  • Rock'em BlocksRock'em Blocks - 6Players online

    Players: 148 daily

    Swap blocks in such a way to have at least three of the same kind next to one another (horizontally or vertically).

  • The Rise of AtlantisThe Rise of Atlantis - 14Players online

    Players: 145 daily

    Rise of Atlantis is completely addicting puzzle game fun.

  • Laser Cannon 2Laser Cannon 2 - 3Players online

    Players: 145 daily

    Shoot, squash, blow up and destroy all the monsters in each level by using your laser cannon.

  • Blackbeards Island DeluxeBlackbeards Island Deluxe - 8Players online

    Players: 138 daily

    Fire your cannon at the cannonsballs and match colors to eliminate them before they reach the X.

  • Ice Breakers: Penguin PiratesIce Breakers: Penguin Pirates - 6Players online

    Players: 136 daily

    In Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates you will have to sharpen your matching skills to beat the clock in 25 levels!

  • ClimbersClimbers - 3Players online

    Players: 134 daily

    Use all your brain power to reach the summit! The Geewa quiz game set in an alpine mountain scene.

  • ChromaticaChromatica - 8Players online

    Players: 133 daily

    Match up the shapes in lines of 4 or more in this addictive action puzzler with unique metallic graphics!

  • Tiny ExplorersTiny Explorers - 1Players online

    Players: 127 daily

    Help the robots to explore the planet.

  • Monkey GO HappyMonkey GO Happy - 1Players online

    Players: 125 daily

    Have you ever wished you had a MONKEY??? Well they’re hard work you know! You have to spend all your time entertaining them.

  • SNAKEZSNAKEZ - 3Players online

    Players: 124 daily

    Explore each of exciting levels, get more and more food, achieve all 24 trophies and unlock goodies that are waiting for you!

  • Spiters Annihilation 2Spiters Annihilation 2 - 4Players online

    Players: 122 daily

    Get rid of all the monsters on the screen. No mercy!

  • Christmas Present OverflowChristmas Present Overflow - 3Players online

    Players: 119 daily

    Use your mouse to click the Christmas presents. You have to click on two or more symbols of the same type to remove them.

  • Monkey GO Happy The CastleMonkey GO Happy The Castle

    Players: 116 daily

    An EVIL scientist has turned the Mini Monkeys into little gargoyles.

  • Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4 - 2Players online

    Players: 108 daily

    The incredibly popular Monkey GO Happy Marathon series has now got a fourth installment.

  • WonderputtWonderputt - 5Players online

    Players: 107 daily

    Adventure golf… but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure.

  • Bubble SpinnerBubble Spinner - 3Players online

    Players: 106 daily

    Bubble Shooter with a fun twist: the bubbles are on a rotating platform. See if you can knock them all out. Very addicting.

  • Fireboy and Watergirl 2 Fireboy and Watergirl 2 - 1Players online

    Players: 99 daily

    Everybody knows that fire and water don't mix. But sometimes they can work together!

  • Mahjong ReadyMahjong Ready - 2Players online

    Players: 96 daily

    Mahjong Ready is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game. The object of the game is to clear each level by matching tiles to remove them.

  • Ice BreakersIce Breakers - 4Players online

    Players: 93 daily

    The latest Match-3 puzzle game has it all, even penguins! Work with the cranky foreman to build Penguin City.

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