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  • Lock 'n' RollLock 'n' Roll - 3Players online

    Players: 66 daily

    Lock 'n' Roll is an intriguing and addictive puzzle game requiring a combination of luck and skill.

  • Personal ShopperPersonal Shopper

    Players: 65 daily

    Fun online shopping game for girls.

  • WonderputtWonderputt

    Players: 62 daily

    Adventure golf… but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure.

  • Snake PuzzleSnake Puzzle

    Players: 61 daily

    The image has turned into a snake. Can you make the snake turn back into the image?

  • GlobsGlobs

    Players: 60 daily

    Globs is a simple game where you match colors to merge Globs and get massive points.

  • Laser Cannon 2Laser Cannon 2

    Players: 59 daily

    Shoot, squash, blow up and destroy all the monsters in each level by using your laser cannon.

  • Monkey GO Happy The CastleMonkey GO Happy The Castle

    Players: 55 daily

    An EVIL scientist has turned the Mini Monkeys into little gargoyles.

  • Gold MinerGold Miner

    Players: 54 daily

    Gold, diamonds and dynamite? That's right, you're a gold miner and it's your job to mine as much gold as you can!

  • Dark LegionDark Legion - 1Players online

    Players: 50 daily

    Turn-based horror game! The Evil rules the world, you are the only one who can beat it!

  • Juwel Swap DeluxeJuwel Swap Deluxe

    Players: 49 daily

    Replace the diamond in the field to get 3 in a horizontal or vertical line, longer lines give you extra points. Fill the diamond meterfor the bonus.

  • Sarah QuestSarah Quest

    Players: 48 daily

    Join Sarah Quest on her first adventure as she works her way through the tombs of Egypt to discover treasure and save her family's legacy!

  • Flower ReactionFlower Reaction - 1Players online

    Players: 48 daily

    Blossom the maximum amount of flowers with just one click. Try to make a chain reaction of exploding flowers and record the highscore!

  • WoodDoo School 5WoodDoo School 5

    Players: 48 daily

    Pass through the game, collect useful items, solve puzzels and find some of the magicrecipe. Some items can be combined in attach.


    Players: 47 daily

    Explore each of exciting levels, get more and more food, achieve all 24 trophies and unlock goodies that are waiting for you!

  • Lost CoinsLost Coins

    Players: 46 daily

    What is this strange archaic money?

  • Jewel of AtlantisJewel of Atlantis - 1Players online

    Players: 46 daily

    Enjoy underwater adventures solving puzzles in this enthralling action puzzle game.


    Players: 44 daily

    Help BLYM on his way through 4 big worlds.

  • Bricks Breaking 2Bricks Breaking 2

    Players: 43 daily

    Destroy the bricks by clicking same coloured groups with at least 3 bricks. If you destroy a group with at least 15 bricks, then you can get a bomb...

  • Bejeweled BlitzBejeweled Blitz

    Players: 42 daily

    Swap adjacent gems to create sets of 3 gems of the same color lined up horizontally or vertically.

  • Pumpkin SolitairePumpkin Solitaire - 1Players online

    Players: 42 daily

    Destroy the pumpkins by putting them next to each other. When 3 pumpkins get together, they will be destroyed.

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