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Added: 7 years ago From: Kewlbox

Tags: puzzle, flash, mahjong, singleplayer



This is probably the best mahjong game in the net.With nice graphics and cute sounds.
Try to complete it fast, but be careful getting stucked!


The goal is to clear the board by removing all the tiles from the pyramid. You must remove the tiles in pairs. A pair consists of two tiles which both are"free" and identical (or of the same type).A tile is "free" when no other tile is lying above or is partially covering it and no other tile is lying to the left or to the right of it (it can "slide" in one or both these directions..)The Flowers and Seasons tiles have a special rule. They are non-identical matching tiles and belong to the same type. All the Flowers tiles match one another and all the Season tiles match one another. You should study them before starting a game.Each tile appears four times in a standard solitaire mahjongg game. Again an exception for the Flowers and Seasons tiles who appear only once each during a game.

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