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Wild West

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Added: 9 years ago From: Geewa

Tags: action, flash, multiplayer, ghost, beat my score, league, shooting

Dear Players,

With the introduction of new leagues on March 23rd we will also be changing our terms of service for league games.
In an effort to curb abuses from cheaters and "flamers" a PRO account will now be required to enter league games.
Despite the relatively small number of these players we decided that actions must be taken to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for the vast majority of players.

The community has called for the introduction of PRO leagues and we have decided to answer that call. Enjoy the games!
Wild West
Wild West


Your task is to get past the outlaws in the wild west town where Jack is in jail. There are 14 rounds and in every round you'll have to face 3 outlaws. You have to react quickly and shoot an outlaw before he takes you down. But before you shoot them make sure they are really going for their guns. Shooting an outlaw who isn't really going for his gun means you lose one of your lives. If an outlaw takes you down, the game is over.


The game is controlled by the arrow keys or by mouse. Shoot at the left outlaw by pressing the left arrow key, the center outlaw by up/down arrow key and the right outlaw by the right arrow key. When using a mouse, just move the cursor over an outlaw and press the left mouse button.


When you take an outlaw down you earn points equal to 1,600 millies where millies are the time you needed to shoot him.

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