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Word Soccer

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Tags: puzzle, flash, multiplayer, league, word, live

Dear Players,

With the introduction of new leagues on March 23rd we will also be changing our terms of service for league games.
In an effort to curb abuses from cheaters and "flamers" a PRO account will now be required to enter league games.
Despite the relatively small number of these players we decided that actions must be taken to ensure a fun and rewarding experience for the vast majority of players.

The community has called for the introduction of PRO leagues and we have decided to answer that call. Enjoy the games!
Word Soccer
Word Soccer


The goal of the game is to create as many valid nouns as possible from the stack of 11 letters and, in doing so,to score more goals than your opponent in the 6 rounds. If the match is tied at the end then a further round follows decided by golden goal.

How to play

Words are created by clicking on the letters in the stack. Clicking on an already selected letter will send it back to the stack. When you click on the "Send" button (just above and right of the stack) the word will move to the list of created words in the upper left panel. When you click on the "Clear" button the word will be canceled and remaining letters will move to the stack. It is possible to show the playing area in the foreground by clicking on it to see the current state of the round - the path to the goal. When you click again the playing area will be hidden.

Both players play concurrently. Each player has 90 seconds in a round to create as many nouns as possible from the 11 letters in the shared stack (letters may be used more than once). Nouns that are not in the game dictionary will turn grey and appear at the bottom of the upper left panel (they won’t count).

Scoring at the end of the round

After every round the words of both players are compared and identical words are discounted. The remaining words are spread across the playing area (football pitch). Every letter that goes beyond the 20 fixed spaces and across the goal line on the playing area results in a goal being scored. If both players pass the goal line then the player with the most valid letters wins.

Red and Yellow cards

A player is yellow-carded when their longest valid word is shorter than the opponent's longest valid word. A player is red-carded when their opponent used all the letters in the stack. A red card means that in the next round the player's last letter in the stack will become unavailable.

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